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An architectural and structural analysis of the Vasconcelos Library in Mexico.



The Vasconcelos Library was built between 2004 and 2006 following the first International Concourse held in Mexico. Alberto Kalash is the architect, along with Emmanuel Ramirez, Ignacio del Rio, Tami Tamashiro, José Luis Reyes, Héctor Modica, Bolivar Garrido, Ivan Ramirez, Gabriel Ortiz, Roland Oberhofer, Paola Avevedo and Alejandro Castaneda. This study analyse the structure of the library through 19 diagrams inspired from “The Elements of Modern Architecture: Understanding Contemporary Buildings​” by Antony Radford, Amit Srivastava, Selen Morkoç. The drawings where made using Sketchup and Photoshop. The author of the text and the drawings is Eima BLANK.

The publication is free to download but $1 payment is required as a donation to support the activities of the SAB Center on Social Architecture and Biodiversity.

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